Hi all.

When we started this site (nearly 20 years ago) we envisaged writing second opinions for each other’s reviews. Not that I envisaged many major disagreements (“Rik speaks lies! Zone Raiders is a classic!”), just the chance to look at games from a slightly different angle, making observations that would not have occurred to the original reviewer. After all, this is a subjective business and we all have our own point of view.

Sadly, very few of these items ever materialised. I’m not going to dwell too much on reasons why, and certainly don’t mean to be critical of Rik when he’s written a far greater number of actual reviews than I have. However, I’ve lately been tempted to return to the format. So here are a couple for you.

First up, here’s my uneducated but enthusiastic take on early-90s racing in Test Drive III.

Also, I’ve written some thoughts on the MS-DOS platform game from Epic, Jazz Jackrabbit.

More of these to come, hopefully.