So the new Terminator movie came out over here yesterday. Frankly, you can’t move for advertisments and/or promotions – Pizza Hut is even doing a ‘Terminator Pizza’, for god’s sake. And every magazine and newspaper is quizzing Christian Bale on why he called the DP of the film “f*ckin’ amateur” (he’s a nice guy, though, but that don’t f*ckin’ cut it, apparently) and why in God’s name he decided to be in the film, especially when he knew it would be directed by McG.

It’s all fairly exciting, and I’d really quite like to see it, although whether I’ll be able to get to do so on the big screen is extremely doubtful. I’ll probably have to make do with watching all the old ones being shown on TV at the moment instead.

To compensate, I could, of course, try and pick up the official Terminator: Salvation game, except for the fact that it’s apparently total bum-gravy.

I remember when T2 was released, a whole shedload of games followed. The Angry Video Game Nerd (formerly the Angry Nintendo Nerd) has a look at them here, and the games based on the first movie here. I haven’t caught up with all of his more recent stuff, but I happened across these two videos and found them pretty funny. If you’ve not seen any of his work before, suffice to say that if he’s covering these games, they’re unlikely to be showered with praise.