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Great feet for a big lad

Hi there. We’re at the newer end of what’s permissible on this site today, with a review of the retro-flavoured indie football game from 2011, New Star Soccer 5.

You’re not hardcore, unless you live hardcore

Those who remember previous iterations of FFG may recall that our list of reviews used to come with a brief introduction. I thought it was quite a good feature, but by God did it cause me some trouble. After tapping out a review with relative ease, the prospect of coming up with some kind of […]

More indie games

You know, I’m not above making the odd wisecrack about the indie gaming scene. I might say it’s populated by hipsters churning out titles with faux-retro graphics, stacks of physics platformers and pretentious arty adventures where gameplay basically amounts to “click to continue”. This, however, is unkind of me! I should feel bad about being […]

This is a testing time when the choice is mine

I don’t know about you, but I thought the Steam summer sale was a bit of a bust this year. In a way, of course, I’m glad, because it means I wasn’t too tempted to add yet more titles to the backlog, although I’ve long since fallen off the ‘no new games in 2014’ wagon. […]

Glory to Arstotzka!

Currently playing Papers Please, an indie game that puts you in the seat of a border inspector in a fictional communist nation in 1982. Your job is to read through the documents of every person attempting entry, and only let them through if everything appears to be in order. So that means checking a bunch […]

The Swapper

[edit]paragraphs fixed. That’s what I get for copy-pasting formatted text into WP. Even though I don’t think I’ve remembered more than a couple of his birthdays since about 1999, Rik was kind enough to get me the Swapper for my own a month or so ago. Here are a few thoughts: It’s a puzzle-based platformer, […]