So I flicked through Gamespot’s review of Doom3, and it seems to come down to “yeah it’s a generic shooter that kills its own tension by being so repetitive. But it’s really shiny!!!! 8/10”

It’ll be a few years before we look at Doom3 ourselves – but for now here’s my own summary which is “it’s really good at one thing, but just repeats that one thing over for entire game, 6/10”. That one thing being:

“creep fearfully into a chamber, lights flickering on and off, the edges of the room shrouded in darkness. It’s all far too quiet, corpses litter the floor and machinery whirs away. You can almost hear your own heartbeat. You see some ammo scattered on a table, cautiously move to take it. Then BAM an imp teleport in front of you. You scream like a girl and empty an entire clip into it, and BAM another one teleports in behind and another on a ledge up above. So more screaming as you whirl around and spray the entire room with shells and rockets, hopefully hitting a bad guy at some point. Then run and hide behind something”

Except that by the 875th time it’s all not quite so shocking anymore. It got to the point where I walked into each room backwards so I could catch the BAM! BEHIND YOU! guy, then dash to the relative safety of the previously cleared room.