Those of us in the UK are currently being subjected to the latest series of ITV’s jungle-based reality show. The ‘celebrities’ are of a particularly poor standard this year – Samantha Fox, a bloke who used to be in Hollyoaks – that kind of thing.

But they have got Jimmy White, who gaming fans may recall from his endorsement of Archer Maclean’s snooker and pool games. I certainly remember his halting delivery of a terrible script in the otherwise-decent Cueball World. So I’ve been occasionally shouting “Blame the Chalk!” at the screen in a terrible cockney accent.

Unfortunately, it’s a reference that most people, especially my bewildered other half, aren’t going to be familiar with.

EDIT: Okay, this is ridiculous. If you google “Blame the chalk”, we’re the top two entries on the list. And there’s no clip on YouTube either. That is, until now…

EDIT 2: Scratch that, we’re not top any more. But we’re the only site to refer to Jimmy White saying these words. Fact.