Hi there.

Don’t mind the mess – do come in. Yes, we have actually got a review for you this evening. It’s been written for a little while and was supposed to coincide with one of the big football finals that have all…happened already.

Still, I guess the great thing about football is there’s always a match going on somewhere, so (ahem) in honour of tonight’s England vs. Brazil match, here’s a review of European Champions!

You may notice I’ve added a video clip – just to reassure any regular readers that this isn’t the start of a new YouTube obsession, but for this game I noticed that there weren’t any gameplay clips on there that I could find, so figured I’d do the honours. Don’t worry – I cut it down to a manageable length, and it’s just gameplay – no voiceovers here.

Also, just to add to Stoo’s note below, you’ll probably notice a few things that still need to be tidied up. I’m afraid that there’ll be broken links a-plenty in my old reviews, and though the old journal posts have all been ported across, only the more recent ones have been checked and sorted. So, those are a couple of things I’ll be working on – and we hope to do more here and there now the core funtionality is all working ok.

There’ll be more content, too – not an avalanche by any means, but hopefully back to our usual pace from this point on.