I’ve been meaning to do a reformat\system reinstall for a while now, and since I gave Windows Vista a miss I figured why not upgrade to the latest incarnation.

Upgrading from XP actually means a clean install, so of course afterwards I hastily had to re-install the most important applications:


This also gives me a chance to update some of our compatibility info. While we’ve always included a few details on running oldies on modern PCs, unfortunately by “modern” we mostly mean Windows XP. So I’m planning on re-checking some of our oldies to check how they do in this shiny new world. I could go look such details up but I do prefer to field-test myself.

For Dos games I figure we’ll just go on using DosBox, with no problems, so I’m more concerned with the windows 95\98 generation. So I’ll update reviews if I learn of any new problems. Just to assure you all, the information in our Running the Oldies still stands, it’s just a question of maybe a few more games falling into the category of needing help to run.

(sidenote: Unfortunately I won’t be able to see if the XP compatibility mode helps as it doesn’t come with the Home Premium edition. I don’t know if it’s any different to just running XP under Windows Virtual PC, which I would imagine is too slow for gaming anyway?)