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Written by: Rik

Date posted: November 9, 2005

Almost as soon as you’ve completed the three trials, Elaine is kidnapped by LeChuck and it falls to you to go to Monkey Island and rescue her. However, not being in possession of a boat represents a major obstacle, especially when you’ve only got a couple of hundred pieces of eight in your pocket.

1. Obviously, Stan’s Previously Owned Vessels is the place to go on Melee Island. When he finally gives you a chance to speak, ask to see the cheapest boat he’s got.

2. Although Stan says he’s got ships to suit all budgets, he doesn’t realise just how little you’ve got. And neither is he able to put together a competitive finance package for you. Apparently, though, the shopkeeper in town might be able to help.

3. Unfortunately, you need to be employed to qualify for credit. And seeing as you’re nothing more than a filthy pirate, the legitimate way doesn’t look good. So keep an eye on the old buzzard when he unlocks the safe containing the credit note and memorize the combination. Then ask him about the Sword Master and he’ll leave you alone in the shop while he goes across to her house on the other side of the island.

4. Once you’ve got the credit note, head back over to Stan’s. Although you’ve now got some money to play with, it’s still not as much as he’d like for the boat. So you’re going to have to do a bit of negotiating…

5. Once you mention you’ve got some credit, Stan starts his spiel. Ask to talk about extras, but don’t be too impressed by anything he mentions. When he starts to talk about porthole defoggers the second time around, then you can tell him to can it.

6. Now he knows you don’t seem too keen, so don’t ruin it by showing any enthusiasm. He’ll be desperate to make a sale, so put the boot in by pretending you don’t even want the boat any more. Once you try to walk away, he’ll want to try and ‘work something out’. This is what you’re after. Contrary to some walkthroughs, you don’t have to haggle over the price now. Just go straight in with your maximum offer of 5000 and Stan should take it.

7. Hurrah! You’ve got yourself a ship. All you have to do now is get your crew sorted out and you’ll be off to Monkey Island in no time.