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Written by: Rik

Date posted: January 1, 2010

If this isn’t the most ridiculous situation with the least ethical solution in adventure game history, I’d like to know what is. Suggestions to the usual address – you could win a prize.


1: You’ve brought some evidence from a crime scene back to the lab, but Chris in forensics doesn’t seem to be able to shed much light on things. He suggests you go and talk to Professor Turner at the Oxford Anthropoogical Museum.


2: Without a second’s hesitation you jump into your car and trek up the M40 to Oxford. Guess what? The museum’s closed for renovation works. Probably should have checked that first, eh detective?


3: Rather than try and find a way in, you head back to London, hoping to perhaps speak with Professor Turner on the telephone. Except that even though you’re a police officer, you can’t be trusted to make outgoing calls at work. Your colleague and nemesis, Lowry, won’t let you use his phone, either. And, no, you don’t have a mobile.


4: The whole thing is ridiculous, but fortunately you noticed a telephone box near the museum. There might be one nearer Scotland Yard, but you fancy a 90-minute drive anyway, so back you go. “It won’t work without money,” says Brent. Well, that’s a problem – because you don’t have any. Apparently, you’ve lost your wallet.


5: No-one at work will let you use their telephone, or indeed lend you any money to make a call. As a detective, though, you’re a resourceful chap, and notice that the homeless man outside the museum gates has collected a bit of spare change in his hat. But he won’t let you take it, the selfish prick.


6: He will, however, let you take one of his empty booze flasks, and take it you do. We now need to fill this up with something tempting yet dangerous. Back to London, and to Chris’s lab. He’s got all kinds of alcohol in store. Look at the bottles on the shelf, ask Chris about them, and he’ll give you something that’ll knock you out. When you wake up, Chris is gone. To find out which one he used, dust the bottles with fingerprint powder, and then take the one with a print on it.


7: Even a homeless alcoholic isn’t going to drink that stuff neat, though. Fortunately, you have some apple juice in your office. Combine the alcohol, juice and the flask, and you’ve got something that should do the trick.


8: Back to Oxford, where the man gratefully accepts your seemingly innocent offer of a drink. He’s out like a light, so let’s nick his pennies.


9: With the stolen dosh we can now call the museum, although unfortunately it seems Professor Turner isn’t there and won’t be available for some time. The woman you speak to on the phone is a bit shirty with you and doesn’t seem to believe that you’re a police officer (frankly, Brent doesn’t sound that convincing). Back to London, where Chris tells you that you spoke to Professor Turner’s daughter, Melanie, who might also be able to help you. After going back to Oxford (again – who’s paying for the petrol?) and making another call, she agrees to help.


10: Hoorah! But actions, it seems, have consequences. The Chief finds out that you drugged and robbed a homeless guy, and he’s not too happy about it. What else can you do, though, if you send an officer out with no money and no means of communication? Of course, you wouldn’t dare say that to the chief. Instead, you lie and say it wasn’t you. What a hero.

Brilliant! Also in this game – hiding library books in an old man’s pocket, setting off his car alarm and watching as he gets accused of theft. All so you can use the computer in the library, which he was so selfishly hogging.