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Written by: Rik

Date posted: March 13, 2012

There are more than just a few things, actually, but we’ll keep it fairly brief, if only because I haven’t the stomach to go through them in fine detail, and to do so has little entertainment value anyway and would just appear mean-spirited. Anyway, here goes: (Please note there are fairly sizeable spoilers present below!)

Fans of stealing from the homeless will be delighted to hear that you get an opportunity to do so here – nipping into a crazy guy’s shack and helping yourself to whatever you need. It’s a slight step up from this sort of thing, but not by much.


You also get an opportunity to talk a small boy whose father has gone missing into giving up his favourite teddy bear so you can cut it open with a knife.


You’ll get yours though. A couple of thugs take your phone (sorry, ‘messenger’) and flog it to nearest dodgy trader for cash. Fortunately, you’ve seen where this trader resides. How do you get through the door though? You just ask a nearby prostitute for assistance, and she helps you even though you promise nothing in return. Once inside, the guy doesn’t want to give your messenger back. Unless you ask in a really firm tone of voice, that is. Why bother with puzzles when everything’s this easy?


Odd example of future technology #1: Your place of work has done away with a traditional reception desk and replaced it, and the staff required to man it, with a weird talking crane thing that has a woman’s face. Aside from the fact that it looks ridiculous, it doesn’t work all that well either, with characters commenting that it’s always in need of repair, or a systems upgrade, or whatever. Which begs the question, why not just have a couple of burly security guys on the door?


Odd example of future technology #2: One day, we’ll all be using a machine called a mic-ro-wa-ve. And that day, of course, was some time in 1993. Depressingly, one of the game’s puzzles requires you to heat up a colleague’s lunch in this thing. Here’s the solution to the puzzle: ask the guy what he wants, go to the shop and get it, return to your place of work, throw a switch in the fuse box, enter the kitchen, plug in the microwave, put the food in the microwave, use the microwave, tell the guy it’s nearly ready. Gaming really can make all your dreams come true.


A man dressed as Agent Smith from The Matrix arrives at your door to tell you that you’ve won a prize of a holiday in a lottery you didn’t even enter. The man posing as someone who works for the lottery not only hasn’t bothered with a disguise, he hasn’t bothered with a cover ID either, and your request for his name prompts hesitation, panic, and an obvious lie. If they’re going to haul you off to some government torture camp, one wonders why they’d bother with this anyway, seeing as the ‘kicking the door down and taking by force’ approach seemed to work so well with your neighbour.