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Written by: Rik

Date posted: February 26, 2009

You may have noticed in the main review we didn’t include any shots of the traffic duty sections of the game. Well, that’s because they’re all here, silly! Why not take a minute to look through our step-by-step guide to making the roads safe for democracy (or whatever).

(N.B. Carefree tone used here not indicative of game manual or game itself).

1: After driving around for hours, eventually you’ll come across someone doing something naughty. You’ll even get a message reminding you of what you’ve seen. This guy’s going too fast – fire up the roof.

2: After a not-very-exciting chase, they’ll eventually pull over. Be sure to note the time of the offence (in the top left).

3: Approach the offender’s vehicle – but remember, don’t turn your back on the traffic. Jim won’t be happy with you. And you’ll probably be dead.

4: Listen to the inevitable denials or excuses. This guy excitedly informs us that he’s too horny to pay any attention to the speed limit. You could choose to let him off – if you had absolutely no respect for the law or the badge you’re wearing, that is.

5: Take the license back to your squad car and shove it into the high-tech machinery at your disposal. You need to enter the time and code for the offence (ie speeding) – look them up in the manual if you don’t know them off by heart (although you really should).

6: Voila! A ticket will be printed.

7: Present the ticket and return the license. Feel free to dispense some advice on how to please a lady as well.

8: The last step of the walkthrough was #7. Strictly speaking, there’s no reason for this picture to be here. But I felt that the review somehow wouldn’t be complete without it.