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Written by: Rik

Date posted: December 31, 2007

Operation Stealth is one of those adventure games which will happily punish every little mistake you make, usually with death or some other ‘game over’ message. It doesn’t ease you in gently, and you can easily come a cropper in the opening sequence. We can help you through this bit just to get started, but be warned: there’s more of this type of thing to come.


1: You’re at the airport. If you try and go through customs, the official starts waving a gun around. You’ll need to show your passport.

2: There’s an American passport in your briefcase. But that’s a trick – if you show this here, it’s game over. Clearly the nation of Santa Paragua isn’t on the fondest of terms with the US at the moment.

3: Time to head into the bogs for a think. Root around in your briefcase and you’ll find that, hey presto, it has a secret compartment – well, you are supposed to be a secret agent after all. Operate the calculator to access it.

4: Handily, you happen to have a passport-making machine with you, with a choice of different nationalities available to you. The choice is crucial, though – Santa Paragua doesn’t just have it in for Americans.

5: You’d think your average spy might have done a little reading up on world politics before he set off, but John Glames clearly has no time for such research. There’s a newspaper machine in the lobby, but – surprise, surprise – you don’t have any money. The coin-return slot bears some fruit, though.

6: A story catches your eye, letting you know that Santa Paragua has just re-opened diplomatic relations with a major nation. In this case it’s France, but this is one of those puzzles that changes every time you play, so you can’t skip this bit.

7: Get back to the loo and open up your case again. Fiddle around with the buttons on the passport maker until the correct nation comes up and then use the blank passport with the opening at the side of the machine.

8: Et voila! You have a French passport, which the gun-toting passport official is happy to accept without so much as a cross word.