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Written by: Rik

Date posted: February 22, 2014

This isn’t a walkthrough, but hopefully serves to highlight the differences when playing through the same section of the game with the two different characters.


Thanks to Jack’s antics in the opening scenes, Ysanne’s ship is short of fuel. Landing on a nearby planet, Jack is tasked with finding some – or facing an icy death.


Playing as Ysanne, though, our main task is to find out why no-one responded to our landing request – something strange is going on here.


There’s a snowplough over there – but Ysanne’s not interested. It’s for Jack to find the fuel.


Going inside the facility, something strange has indeed occurred – what caused that nasty hole in the roof? We need to fiddle around with that computer console to find out.


In the course of trying to find something to help us access the computer, Ysanne will come across this landslide. We find a pickaxe, but it’s not for digging through those rocks.


Playing through the same section as Jack, and though he argues his case a bit more forcefully here, the end result is the same: you’ve got to find some fuel.


The snowplough now mysteriously has a fuel can lying around next to it. Further examination also reveals a fuel pipe. Hmm…


Entering the computer room reveals another surprise object – an unexploded missile.


Perhaps that (or something contained within) could come in handy if we want to move that rockpile?


Aha! Here’s hoping there’s something useful through this doorway.