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Written by: Rik

Date posted: December 20, 2005

So the game is a little fussy when it comes to where you stand to perform certain actions. It’s not really a big deal, right? Well, not really, no. After all, saving regularly will stop any slightly hairy moments with the interface having any severe consequences, and a little time and patience should suffice elsewhere. However, there was one particular moment for me that I found extremely frustrating – in fact it prompted possibly one of my all-time sulkiest tantrums (multiplayer games notwithstanding). In the medieval section of the game, you need to acquire a monk’s habit in order to gain access to the monastery (I really can’t begin to give an explanation for this, incidentally) and you find one hanging from a branch high up on one of the trees in the forest. Luckily, you should have (or be able to get) a guard’s lance, which should help you reach it and lower it down. Except the game won’t let you proceed unless you’re standing in exactly the right place. It should be simply a matter of trial and error, except it took me hours to get past this puzzle. Now, it may be obvious to everyone else out there (and it certainly was to whoever wrote the various walkthrough guides available), but just in case anyone else might need some help, here’s a picture of exactly where you should stand:

(2013 update: Unfortunately, I seem to have lost the original image so can’t do better than this slightly blurry screen. Apologies!)