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Written by: Rik

Date posted: April 2, 2005

Note: While this piece is by no means a comprehensive walkthrough, it may reveal hints about quite a major segment of the game. You have been warned…


1. The truck-driving hick you hitched a ride with had a brush with the Cavefish, a mysterious biker gang who target rigs and steal their cargo. Looks like he came off worse, and unfortunately for you he took the bridge with him.


2. The bridge is down, leaving you and the Poyahoga gorge. It may be a long way across, but it also happens to be several miles wide. There’s no chance of finding an alternative route…looks like you’re gonna have to jump it.


3. Apparently many have tried, all without success. Except a certain Ricky Myran, who managed to do it on a stock Corley motorbike. What’s he got that you haven’t? Nothing, except a pre-regulation, destroyer-class solid-fuel recoil booster and an automotive hoverlift. Oh, and a jump-ramp with flames down the side.


4. Lucky you had that encounter with Ripburger’s goons earlier. Their hovercar’s still here, and after some nifty work with a crowbar you’ve got yourself a hoverlift. Yoink!


5. That was the easy part. Now you’ve got to go down to the old mine road and pick a few fights. This bearded guy just so happens to have a recoil booster. All you have to do is knock him down before he manages to get away. This section can take ages, but it’s really a case of using the right weapons on the right bikers. Of course, you don’t have all the weapons to start off with…you might find a metal chain helps in this case.


6. Once you’ve got the booster, all you need is the ramp. Apparently the Cavefish have it at their hideout. Trouble is, you can’t see where that is until you get hold of a pair of their special goggles. You can take these guys out with a couple of weapons (the chainsaw in particular) but they’ll always protect their gang by pressing the self-destruct button once down. You need to hit them rather than their bike, so the two-by-four is the weapon of choice here. Even so, you have to time it just right…wait until they look up or you still won’t get ‘em.


7. With the goggles on, you see what the Cavefish see. Which means you can see the entrance to their cave. Hmm…seems like they relyheavily on those ‘cat’s eyes’ in the middle of the road to find their way.


8. You’ve got Ricky Myran’s famous ramp, but you have to make sure the Cavefish don’t follow you on the way out. Use the ramp to damage the road a little and they’ll have some trouble spotting that corner.


9. Nothing left to do but go for it. The recoil booster gives you the speed you need, the ramp gets you in the air and the hoverlift makes sure you stay there for just long enough to make it across.


10. Made it! Amazingly this whole manoeuvre doesn’t do any damage to your bike. Now to find Corley Motors’ HQ and stop Ripburger…