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Written by: Rik

Date posted: August 7, 2018

As we mentioned, Fahrenheit‘s stealth sections are both the most difficult and most annoying elements of the game. There’s nothing clever about beating them – you just have to work out how the game expects you to do it.

1: A meeting with your brother Markus sends you back to a moment in his childhood, growing up on a military base.

2: Markus has run off to play in a hangar somewhere, along with a group of friends. No-one likes you and you’re in a bit of a sulk anyway, so you don’t go.


3: But then you get a premonition that everyone’s in danger. Succeed in the direction-pushing QTE and you’ll get a few visual hints of what you need to do.


4: Run straight ahead and scale the fence. Try not to hold young Lucas back due to the slow, imprecise movement of your ageing, arthritic fingers and fail to perform the required stick movements in time, or you’ll fall to the ground.


5: If you go straight ahead towards the gate, you’ll notice trucks moving through the base (also visible on the map display in the top right). Aha! That must be it, you think. But don’t be fooled, you can’t sneak through here, that guard will see you no matter what you try.


6: Instead, head into this trench, just to the left of the gate, avoiding the attention of the guard and sneak along until you find the gap in the fence on the right.


7: Hide behind this helpfully positioned stack of stuff. Ok, so this is the truck we’re supposed to take cover behind.


8: Here we go – trot alongside this for a bit.


9: Then sneak out the back and head towards the hangar.

10: You’ve done it! Here follows another equally annoying bit where you have to find all the kids hiding in the warehouse and convince them to leave.