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Written by: Stoo

Date posted: July 26, 2006

Before you embark on your holy quest, a few tasks need taking care of. Fail to do this and you will die. Because it’s Sierra.

Your journey begins here! Start by changing to travelling clothes. Don’t forget your purse, either.

Before leaving Camelot, you must receive a divine blessing. Two blessings, actually. Camelot is in a transitionary phase, religion-wise, so the chapel is dedicated to both Christ and the Roman god Mithras. Go get lots of gold and make big donations at both altars. Do it right, and they will send you holy visions. Don’t skip this part, gods resent being snubbed.

Gwenhyver is, ahem, quite friendly with Launcelot. So ask if he shared his plans with her. You also want to grab the rose here. The Message of the Rose is ‘love is my shield’, and that could be useful later in the game. I’ve just given away a bit of copy protection there, Sierra (Or Vivendi) lawyers please don’t sue me.

You need to refill you purse so go back to your treasurer. You can have 3 helpings of cash from the three types available. Loads of gold, right? Actually no. This is a good example of a case when you can keep playing after a wrong decision, then end up totally stuck later. So how are you supposed to know? Well, you’re supposed to be asking people for advice on your three missing knights. This chap was friends with gawaine, and he’ll let you know that the knight took silver and copper too. Do the same yourself.

Have a chat with Merlin. He’s pretty knowledgeable, so ask him about any topics you can think of regarding your quest. Take the lodestone from the chest, but don’t touch anything else; Merlin gets grumpy about people handling his stuff.

Time to go! Mount your mighty stallion. Galahad was popular with the guards, so ask them if they know anything about where he went.

You did get that blessing, right? Seriously, you were warned.

Look at all the locations on this map, full of dark ages legend and mystery. You can visit about three of them. bah. However your quest will later take you somewhere completely different anyway.

Here’s just a quick look into the Forest Perilous. Widdershins the forest sprite inhabits a bronze statue and therefore demands copper or tin. If denied, he’ll just take everything else. Good thing you remember some small change, huh?