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Written by: Rik

Date posted: July 23, 2011

Since this review was originally written, Revolution have released a ‘director’s cut’ of the game. Initially released on Wii and DS in 2009, the new version has since made its way to PC, and boasts a number of improvements, including sharper graphics, additional artwork (provided by Dave Gibbons) and an additional prologue chapter during which you take control of Nico, revealing a little more regarding Nico’s background and her part in the story.

While the additional content feels slightly shoehorned-in (the original story remains unchanged, which means that the new stuff had to be written around what was already there, so George and Nico never talk about what happens before they meet) it does address the oft-expressed criticism that George does all the hard work while Nico sits at her desk all day. And the additional lick of paint all-round doesn’t go amiss, either.

Any fans of the PC original who forked out the full asking price for the Wii version on the basis of the additional content might have been slightly disappointed by what they got for their money, but with the PC version now hovering around the extremely sensible £5 mark, it’s certainly worth checking out, even if you’ve got the original CDs lying around somewhere.