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Written by: Rik

Date posted: August 18, 2006

One thing I didn’t mention in the main review is the presence of a (sort-of) sidekick in Broken Sword – namely Nicole, a French journalist who George meets snooping around in the immediate aftermath of the explosion at the cafe. Despite Nicole’s apparent contempt for Stobbart, she agrees that they should work together on the case, and gives George her number, telling him to call if he hears anything.

Whatever you might say about George, he’s certainly the hard-working one in this partnership: in fact, Nicole has to be the least active investigative journalist of all time, spending the vast majority of the game sitting at a table in her apartment. After journeying to far-off lands and getting shot at, George always returns to Nicole, who usually responds by blandly suggesting you investigate the local museum next. Still, you can always irritate her by using one of the game’s many telephones to call and ask about nothing in particular.