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Written by: Rik

Date posted: June 2, 2007

(Spoiler alert! – although you should have guessed that from the word ‘Walkthrough’, really.)

Okay, so you begin the game by following your one-time girlfriend, Nico, to the house of a noted Parisian archaeologist. Before anything is explained to you, things go a bit wrong and Nicole is kidnapped. After escaping initial danger, George’s early investigations lead him to Marseilles, and the headquarters of a shadowy shipping company, ‘Condor Tranglobal’. You’re certain that Nico is being held there – but how to get in? Read on…


1. You arrive at the docks. Better move quickly – a nice, well-dressed man such as George could find himself in trouble down here alone on a dark night. Even though you’re sure it’s a bad idea, you could just knock at the door and see what happens.

2. Fortunately, the answer to that is ‘nothing’. Perhaps it might be an idea to sneak a look at what’s going on inside. Climb the ladder and go have a peek through the open window.


3. Hm. The two fellas in there look kind of like the ones who kidnapped Nico. In fact, they are the ones who kidnapped her. The fan next to the window seems to be making quite a lot of noise – perhaps that’s why no-one could hear you knocking at the door. Let’s jam a piece of metal into it – that seems like a good idea.


4. Inexplicably, the sound of metal grinding on metal and the sudden absence of the fan noise doesn’t seem to attract the attention of anyone inside. Oh well, you may as well try and knock on the door again – and – lo! – you get an answer this time. Frankly, you can say whatever you like to this guy – I’ve taken the least sensible option of giving him my real name.


5. Really, all you want to do is get him to open the door. George frankly won’t be able to just talk his way in there, so you may as well just provoke this dude until he loses patience and decides to come after you. Luckily, he tells you when he’s going to open the door, so as soon as he does this, it’s time to hide – you have to be quite quick with the mouse here.


6. Here he comes, the big dummy. Oh, and what’s this up here? A conveniently located barrel-winching thingy. Let’s just hope he comes out and stands near the edge of the water.


7. Actually, we probably need to give him a reason to do that. Also, we might want to test that this damn thing actually works. Kill two birds with one stone by firing off a test barrel.


8. That’s got his attention. He’ll now go and stand exactly where the last barrel went into the water. I think you can guess what you have to do now.


9. Fire off another barrel and he’ll be knocked off the pier into the water.

10. Success! You can now make your way back down to the door and continue your adventures. But first you have to watch George perform an excruciating victory jig.