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Written by: Rik

Date posted: January 1, 2004

McCoy: Yup, that’s you, the wet-behind-the-ears rookie. Likeable enough, although his naive remarks and below-par jokes irritate after a while. A bit too cheerful. Lacks stubble. Would lose a fight with Deckard, obviously.

Steel: Obvously intended as a sexy and sassy, ahem, ‘kick-ass’ female character, Steel’s smartarse attitude constantly grates. She also dresses like a biker, smokes like a chimney and constantly makes demeaning remarks about the size of your penis.

Guzza: For some reason, police chief Captain Bryant is mentioned only briefly in the game, leaving Lieutenant Guzza in charge. Guzza’s the long-serving, wily old-timer on the force, who rarely has a kind word to say except to the owner of the local pie shop.

Clovis: A true bad-guy if ever there was one, Clovis is pretty bloody evil. He starts the game by slaughtering a load of animals, and largely continues along the same vein throughout. Later revelations that attempt to rationalise his behaviour do little to redress the balance. By far the best character.

Tyrell: The only character from the film with a significant part in the game, Tyrell is the ever-so-slightly eccentric head of the corporation that develops replicants.

Lucy: A young girl with more problems than her pink hair, Lucy is caught in the middle of just about everything bad that goes on in this game. Like most kids, she’s a bit annoying, but she saves your ass on a few occasions too.