I’m happy to report that we now have nearly all of the Lucasarts adventures covered. Given that the favourites were so well loved, and even 2nd-tier stuff like The Dig is very enjoyable, I do think comprehensive coverage is a worthy goal for a site like ours. All that’s left now are Zak McCracken and Grim Fandango – games from the start and the end of their adventure days respectively.

After that we could turn our attention more to the Sierra adventures. Even though they invented the genre they always seemed somehwat outmached to us – lacking the wit, style or imagination of Lucasarts games. Certainly we’d like to expand our range somewhat, but right now I’d say it’s very unlikely that more than about half their pantheon will be covered. Feel free to let us know if there are any particular that deserve a look.

I do think we should have a King’s quest at least – this is where the Graphical Adventure began after all. Unfortunately my last attempt was to try the remake of the original, and for the record: it’s really dull. There’s no story to speak of, and the world consists of just a castle in a forest surrounded by wolves and fairies and other fairytale cliches. I might give number six a go instead.

Looking at other series, we already have reviews of the VGA remakes of the originals from Police Quest, Space Quest and Quest for Glory. The first of those three series is the most likely candidate for further investigation. Don’t hold your breath waiting for Leisure Suit Larry.