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Written by: Rik

Date posted: March 5, 2007

There’s no flying solo in The Chaos Engine. Why send one man to take on hordes of evil nasties, when you could send two? With a whole host (well, six) to choose from, you may be wondering what difference this choice makes. In summary, while there isn’t actually that much variety in the roster (two are strong but slow, two are fast and weak, and two are sort of ‘in-between-y’), it does pay to select a pair with different attributes. Generally, it’s best to select one of the big, stupid mercs for yourself because they can take more punishment, and give the computer one of the fast, weedy ones because, well, the computer isn’t exactly that proactive when it comes to taking on the bad guys, so you don’t really want to burden your AI buddy with firepower he just isn’t going to use.

But who are these mysterious mercs, willing to save the world for only a few gold and silver coins and the occasional can of food? FFG finds out…

Mercenary: Mercenary represents a good balance between speed and power, and he has a whole host of interesting special weapons in his locker. A part-time hired gun, Mercenary actually spends his days as a driving instructor, guiding the nervous youths of Milton Keynes around the town’s many roundabouts.


Brigand: Another all-rounder, Brigand’s first love is sailing, and when the rough and tumble of mercenary life gets too much, he likes nothing better than taking on nature’s most formidable adversary – the ocean. Also plays guitar in a quasi-active Bon Jovi tribute band.


Gentleman: The only pipe-smoking mercenary, and officially the second-hairiest of the six (you should see Navvie’s body hair), the Gentleman is fleet of foot but puny of, er, gun. Still, it doesn’t affect his chances with the ladies – they dig his 1920s attire and formidable sideburns.


Navvie: A huge, rampaging hulk of a man, Navvie is what you might call ‘the strong and silent type’. His favourite colour is grey and his favourite food is mashed potatoes covered in gravy (of course).


Thug: The other ‘powerhouse’ mercenary, Thug is a man who enjoys the simple things in life, like an afternoon watching West Ham followed by ten pints and a curry.


Preacher: Though his steamed-up glasses and balding pate may suggest an authentic man of the cloth, the Preacher is in fact a small-time crook, posing as a vicar while door stepping for phoney charities in order to swindle old ladies out of their life savings. Tell your Grandma – this man is not to be trusted.