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Written by: The J Man

Date posted: June 3, 2008

Apart from generously donating us the review, The J Man has also provided this handy guide to use of Red Faction’s geomod engine.

1: Observe: a wall. We’re going to put a hole in it. I think we’re carrying the detonator for an explosive charge there, and not a futuristic staple gun.

2: Boom!

3: And there we go! Now, you might be thinking “big deal”? See it’s still a regular feature in shooters that common rock or brick is impervious to bullets, explosions, laser beams and small black holes. Ordnance that shreds tanks is stopped by plywood. At most features like windows or tables can be blown apart. So making the basic level geometry destructable is quite novel, even if Red Faction under-uses the idea.

4: On the other side… some more caves. Well, we never promised exciting environments.