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Written by: Rik

Date posted: October 21, 2012

Both the game box artwork, and the introduction sequence, make a thing out of your taxi’s windscreen wipers wiping away the blood of a recently-deceased pedestrian. But when you do actually run over a pedestrian, there are no wipers: the blood just disappears. It’s a disgrace, frankly. Windscreen wipers are sorely under-represented in games as it is, and I can only think of three, that I’ve played, that make proper use of them: Toyota Celica GT Rally, Test Drive 3 and Colin McRae Rally 2. Do you know of any more? Please, write in – you could win a prize (and a mention in my forthcoming self-published book, Windscreen Wipers in Games, 1988-2006*).

Also, and please do correct me if I’m missing something here, but have the developers actually misspelled the name of their own game in the opening sequence? Or was ‘Quaratnine’ the name given to Omnicorp’s evil project in order to conceal their true intentions with Kemo City? (Write in, win a prize, etc, etc.)

*I was being facetious here: I’m pretty sure that many modern-ish rally games – including Rally Trophy, which we’ve reviewed on this very site, include wipers when you switch to first-person mode. Still, please do write in anyway – I do actually have an unhealthy interest in this subject.