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Written by: Rik

Date posted: November 10, 2011

Warning: Mild Project: Snowblind spoilers, and major Deus Ex spoilers contained below!

Did you hear me? Because I’m going to start now.

If you want a good example which sums up the difference in approach between Project Snowblind and Deus Ex, then it comes towards the end when you meet the big, bad leader of The Republic, The General.

The General evidently seems to be more machine than man, and explains (using understandably bitter but altogether rational language) that all of his augmentations have made him less human, driven him a bit crazy, and generally made him suspicious of technology. His aim is to unleash a giant EMP to send everyone back to the stone age.

Obviously, that seems a bit nuts. But didn’t Tracer Tong have a similar idea at the end of Deus Ex? And you could even help him achieve it, if you wanted to.

In Project Snowblind, though, there’s no question of whether he might have a point. Frost just invites him to eat his cock-shaped gun (or something) and the blasting commences.