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Written by: Rik

Date posted: October 9, 2011

Allied Assault‘s ending is BALLS. I’m not generally one to bitch and moan about such things, but this is the most god-awful, lazy, piece-of-shit ending I’ve ever come across. Regardez:
The penultimate scene in the game. Hooray! We’ve spanked Gerry good and proper, eh lads?

And here’s your reward for putting your life on the line for the good of the nation (okay, well, several hours of half-hearted mouse-and-keyboard endeavour, then).  Seriously – that’s it. That’s all you get.

On a related note, the plot and narrative in Allied Assault aren’t the best, actually: while the briefings are reasonably detailed, you never really get much of a sense of what you’re doing affecting the war effort, nor how the missions relate to each other. Instead, it feels more like a set of unrelated war scenarios which act as excuses to put you in a nice variety of combat-related situations. Those scenarios are fun, and they each have their own little story going on, but you don’t get a sense that they add up to one overarching campaign as such. Still, if this was the ending they planned, it’s probably a good job there wasn’t much to become invested in, eh?