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Written by: Rik

Date posted: August 8, 2007

Max Payne is a pretty cool character – he’s got the voice, the dialogue, and guns…lots of guns. But we couldn’t help pointing out the following:

1) Max doesn’t run; he minces. Perhaps he thought he was in a first-person game and we wouldn’t notice just how camp he looks. Another reason to activate shootdodge whenever possible.

2) His clothes are pretty naff. Okay, so he’s got the long coat, but what’s with the leopard-print shirt and the white shoes?

3) That smirk on his face is pretty goddamn stupid. Mercifully, you don’t have to look at it that much, observing it fail to change regardless of the circumstances. Even so, it’s not even as if it’s a ‘hard man’ look, or a ‘cynical cop’ look – more the look of a man suffering from a combination of botched botox treatment and extreme constipation.

4) In the ‘graphic novel’ scenes, he looks a bit like Johnny Knoxville.