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Written by: Rik

Date posted: March 9, 2008

While it may not feature prominently on the game’s packaging, Carmageddon II does feature music by ageing metallers Iron Maiden. I did have some hazy memories of them cobbling together some original material especially for the game, but moderate internet research has proved me wrong, with Maiden instead licensing three of their old hits for use on the game’s soundtrack.

Sadly, I can’t really tell you anything about ‘Aces High’, ‘Be Quick or Be Dead’ or ‘Man on the Edge’ (although Stoo probably could) but I have to say the high-pitched vocals and twiddly guitar solos are an ideal complement to the on-screen carnage. Unfortunately, though, the soundtrack also features some dreadfully obnoxious techno music, the type that might be used in a sketch-show parody of square-headed boy racers. There’s no way to choose which tracks you listen to, either, so the safest option is probably just to turn the music off altogether (incidentally, this also applies to any square-headed boy racers who might be offended by the presence of 80s metal on the soundtrack, too).