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Written by: Rik

Date posted: October 18, 2014

As we mentioned, while the face of Bond, James Bond, in Nightfire may belong to Pierce Brosnan, the voice does not. Instead, dialogue duties are performed by an actor called Maxwell Caulfield, who first came to prominence in the unsuccessful sequel to Grease. British viewers may also recall his appearances in Casualty and Emmerdale (the wife of an ex-colleague of mine worked with Mr Caulfield on the former and rather uncharitably described him as “a dickhead”).

But for many people, including me and my sister Jo, he’ll always be Rex Manning, the conceited fading pop star from Empire Records. All together now: “I know you get lonely on your canopy bed, but say no more, baby, I’ll be running every reeeeeddddd…”

rexy1 rexy2