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Written by: Rik

Date posted: October 18, 2014

One of the gadgets at your disposal in Nightfire is a pair of X-Ray Specs, much like the ones Pierce uses in The World is Not Enough to check who’s carrying a concealed weapon (*Roger Moore eyebrow raise*) – and of course, in the film, Bond being Bond, he also uses them to look at ladies’ undies.

And you can do the same here, if you like – look at ladies’ undies, that is – but if you have the specs on while looking at a bloke, you’ll see his skeleton rather than his skivvies. Clearly, there was a feeling that gamers’ eyes needed to be protected from the frankly terrifying sight of a virtual man in some underpants. A Google search for “Nightfire male pants patch” proved unsuccessful.

(On a more serious note, the specs are one of the only really useful gadgets that you can actually use freely – the X-Ray mode allows you to hide and scope out enemies in another room, there’s a night-vision mode which comes in handy once or twice, and an infra-red mode that you can use to check for laser traps).