Okay, so having steadfastly ignored RPGs since Dungeon Master (can’t remember much about that apart from that ‘oof, I’ve hit a wall’ noise when you, er, hit a wall), I’m currently making tentative progress through Fallout.

It’s such a well-loved game I’m feeling under a bit of pressure to really love it. It’s slow going at the moment, but it’s perhaps best to reserve judgement for now.

My lack of RPG nous is pretty obvious. One thing I clearly didn’t understand at the outset is that RPGs allow you a hell of a lot of freedom to go to different places and embark on different quests. When you think about the kind of song and dance people make about a bit of choice and multiple pathways in other genres, it’s nothing compared to the likes of this. And that kind of thing usually spells danger for me.

Another RPG trait, apparently, is having to kill lots of small creatures right at the beginning. In Fallout’s case, it’s rats. After the first few I actually started feeling sorry for the little critters. Not the giant pig-rats though – they can go to hell.