So that was 2009. Despite our best efforts it’s been a quiet one, although we did manage to update each month, which is still better than we used to manage back in the early days (when, ironically, we had much more free time).

Anyway, our limited ambitions for the year were largely realised. Having started the year by adding a review of a Sierra adventure, Police Quest II, we went not one but two better by covering chapters three and four as well. By my reckoning that’s the PQ series covered – we’re not counting the SWAT games, goddammit.

However, having enjoyed PQ more than we were perhaps expecting, in a fit of enthusiasm I decided to review Jim Walls’ Blue Force. That was my mistake – it’s rubbish.

All police questing aside, we also met our (well, my) commitment to cover Davilex’s Knight Rider game. Which is also, er, not very good. Thankfully, we didn’t bother with Daikatana or else the year would have been a depressing slog through old rubbish (let’s not mention MegaRace, then).

Thankfully, though, that wasn’t the case. Personal highlights included finally getting around to playing cult classic Grim Fandango. Plus a selection of decent racing games, the best of which was Rockstar’s Midnight Club II.

In between all my larking around on light-hearted, commitment-free titles, Stoo was hard at work boosting the neglected areas of the site. Haegemonia was added to the strategy section, while after years of trying to get a party together to venture forth, the long-awaited review of Baldur’s Gate finally materialised. Free Dr Pepper for everyone!

In a first for the site, we finally got a fighting game – or “beat ’em up”, if you will – reviewed. Fittingly it was a PC-only effort, One Must Fall. While in the action section, Stoo continued our quest to review every FPS except Doom with reviews of the ageing Heretic and the more modern Unreal 2.

So what for 2010? With this site, as with life, I have no specific ambitions. We should have some more reviews of some old games at various stages throughout the year. Stay tuned.