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FFG Mobile

Exciting news! We have a mobile version of the site, thanks to WPTouch. Owing to a combination of the plugin’s limitations and our own, the mobile site doesn’t have the same functionality as the desktop one. Our intention is that it serves as a more accessible way to browse reviews and view the latest site […]

upgrade complete

Hello everyone and welcome to the third incarnation of A Force For Good. That is, the site where Rik and I write about old PC games. The previous version was based on a basic scratch-built CMS I wrote eight years ago, and was rather in need of modernising. Unfortunately, that was going to take a […]

Still nothing to see here…

FFG Archive

A quick note: everything before this point is archived from the old site.

all good things

Hi all. You may have already heard that fellow oldies-reviewing site Just Games Retro has ceased updating and will soon be closing its doors. We’ll be sorry to see them go, as we found their reviews to be both entertaining and informative. Most of their content will be transferred to Mobygames, however the J Man […]

our top quality items

Just the other day i remembered that a while ago I created a basic hit counter for our site. On inspection it needs a few improvements, for example to count unique as well as overall hits. Also it started counting a couple of years ago, and there’s no breakdown by month or anything, so any […]

adventure update

I’m happy to report that we now have nearly all of the Lucasarts adventures covered. Given that the favourites were so well loved, and even 2nd-tier stuff like The Dig is very enjoyable, I do think comprehensive coverage is a worthy goal for a site like ours. All that’s left now are Zak McCracken and […]

Maintain radio silence

So no new content since the beginning of March. That’s pretty rubbish to be honest. In mitigation, we’ve both had (completely unrelated) housing issues to sort out. I was due to move house on 29th March but the new place wasn’t ready in time and we’d already packed up most of our stuff and blah […]

comments re-enabled

I’ve installed one of those “type the letters you see into this box” plugins to help fend off comment spam. Hopefully it won’t inconvenience anyone too much! In other news, Epic have added all the Unreal games to Steam. I’m not going to shell out on the whole bundle this time, as I’m not into […]

Generic welcome!

Hello everybody, and welcome to our newest feature, the FFG journal. Some time ago now, in a bid to broaden the scope of the site beyond that of a sporadically-updated review site, we decided to include other general articles about gaming. Unfortunately, as regular visitors to the site (if there are any) will have noticed, […]