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PC Zone: an incomplete and subjective history, part 5

2000: the year in which Silverchair said they’d make it up to us. Did they ever get around to it? I’m not sure. Whatever am I talking about? Never mind, we’re into part 5 of our history of PC Zone magazine, so let’s get on with that. Part 5: 2000-2001 – Reality Check At some […]

PC Zone: an incomplete and subjective history, part 4

Part 4 of our history of PC Zone, and we’re into 1998: past the peak of the 90s, but still, to my mind, a vaguely optimistic time. Okay, so Britpop was dead and Be Here Now was rubbish, but we still lived in hope that England might win the World Cup and The Phantom Menace […]

PC Zone: an incomplete and subjective history, part 3

We’re onto part 3 of our history of PC Zone (part 1, part 2) and it’s getting to the point in the 90s where one of those nostalgic TV documentaries about Cool Britannia (which I would try – but fail – to resist watching) might focus its attention: Britpop, Euro ’96, Tony Blair and the […]

PC Zone: an incomplete and subjective history, part 2

Welcome to part 2 of our history of PC Zone (part 1 here, if you missed it). This time, we’re into the mid-90s, and what many consider the era of peak Zone. This is around the time that I started reading, too (my first issue was Zone 24, March 1995, with Dark Forces on the […]

The PC Zone: an incomplete and subjective history, part 1

Earlier in the year, we had a request from our reader Nick, who asked if we might consider a feature on old PC magazines. Although there were quite a few around at various points in the 90s, there’s really only one that we could ever really write about. PC Zone magazine may not be familiar […]

PC Zone is no more

It’s been a little while since this announcement, but I came across it for the first time today. It seems that Britain’s oldest PC games mag, and long-time inspiration of FFG, PC Zone, is to cease publication after some 17 years. The giant publishing behemoth that is Future have decreed that there’s no point in […]

Screen burn

Okay, so if you didn’t manage to catch it last week, just a quick note to say that Charlie Brooker’s Gameswipe is on again tonight, BBC4, 10.50pm (or you can catch it here on the iPlayer). While most of us were looking forward to Brooker returning to the world of gaming, where he first made […]

He’s afraid of…getting old

I don’t have a subscription any more, but to give myself something to read on the flight when I went on holiday last month I decided to pick up a copy of PC Zone. It just so happened it was the 200th issue, and as such featured a decent-sized nostalgia piece with memories from former […]

Hot Import Nights

While thumbing through the latest (extremely thin) issue of PC Zone magazine, their lukewarm review of the latest unremarkable racer to get a multi-format release made for fairly depressing reading: “In any other year a PC racing-lite enthusiast would be reading this review and being subjected to a list of reasons as to why the […]