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Hot action cop

Hi there. Today’s review is of Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit 2. Featuring the origins of the phrase ‘road trousers’, and for some reason a world record number of links to other reviews of racing games on the site. See you next time!

Every lie takes you deeper

Hi there, Today’s review takes us back to the Need for Speed series, with 2008’s instalment, Undercover.

The Need for Speed: The Movie

Ever since Wing Commander, I’ve maintained a passing interest in game-to film-adaptations, especially if I’ve actually played (and enjoyed) the game or series in question. Some years ago, with the day to myself, I went to see the film version of Max Payne on my own, and though the film wasn’t a total turkey, the […]

Need for Speed: The Mess

So, armed with a new computer, and with a recent Need for Speed review in the bank, I decided to check out some more recent entries in the series. Following the relative disappointment of Carbon, EA Black Box, the team responsible for NFS games since Underground (on PC at least: they also did the good […]

No-one likes the tuna here, asshole

Hello there. We return to the Need for Speed series for today’s review, of the 2006 instalment, Need for Speed: Carbon.

I feel the need…

Hi there! One final review for 2011, here just under the wire. I’d hoped to make this a double-update, but unfortunately it just wasn’t possible to get it all done in time. Anyway, here’s a review of Need for Speed: Most Wanted for you. We’ll be back, with more, in the new year.

Two-lane blacktop

Getting older, I’ve decided, is a process of everything changing so slowly that you never really notice at the time, until five years of sneaky, incremental change eventually adds up to one moment of consequence which suddenly hits you when you find yourself doing something that you never, ever, would have done once upon a […]

My way or the highway

If you’re in the UK, The Fast and the Furious will just have been on telly. The fourth film is out on DVD on Monday (er, I didn’t know that, a friend told me). Plus EA have just given their Need for Speed series yet another makeover in the form of SHIFT. It’s almost like […]

First I’m gonna take your ride…then your girl

So says this guy: If there was an award for silliest, least scary villain in a game, I reckon ‘Razor’ from NFS: Most Wanted would win it. Frankly, he looks like he spends more time plucking his eyebrows and applying anti-ageing cream than hanging out “on the street”. His “gang”, meanwhile, are vaguely reminiscent of […]