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Great feet for a big lad

Hi there. We’re at the newer end of what’s permissible on this site today, with a review of the retro-flavoured indie football game from 2011, New Star Soccer 5.

England are rapidly heading for success

Hi there. Tonight we’re back to the early 90s for some long-forgotten football action, with International Soccer Challenge.

It’s in the game

I like football games, possibly more than I actually like football. A couple of matches in the evening after work during the week is one of life’s simple pleasures. But recently I’ve found it difficult to find a footy game I can get on with. Not since PES 2008 (which. depending on your point of […]

Good evening everyone, I AM Terry Butcher

It’s the Euros! And in an attempt to build excitement for the forthcoming action, the BBC has compiled a series of video highlights of memorable moments from previous tournaments. One featured match that I didn’t immediately recall was Spain’s 4-3 victory over Yugoslavia in Euro 2000, secured in dramatic circumstances with a late winner. I […]

It’s a goooooooaaaaaal

Good evening. In a rare case of us actually covering successive games in a series in the right order and in a relatively timely fashion, here’s a review of Striker ’95.

Tony Daley is good at headers

Hi there. It’s time for some midweek football action, with our review of Striker.

You have become a cult figure with the fans; they chant your name around the ground at every game

Hello there! Another review for you today, and what better way to complete a hat-trick of January reviews (groan) than with a football game? Some time ago I had a look at a mid-00s version of Football Manager. But what ever became of Championship Manager? Here’s a look at the 2006 edition. As Stoo mentioned last time, […]

Move move move (The Red Tribe)

Hi everyone. Sometimes I just get the urge to play a really old football game. Most of them are quite bad, really, but there you go. Today’s review is of Manchester United Europe.

I would love it if we beat them

Hello there. It’s the final day of the Premiership season, the kind of day that makes you think, “who’d be a football manager?” (Or more specifically, Steve Bruce, poor fella.) Thanks to the world of gaming, though, you can actually be a football manager in your spare time, if you so desire. Here’s the 2006 […]

You’ll need to know your Magpies from your Canaries

Hi there! It’s nearly Christmas [no it isn’t – FFG Reader], and everyone enjoys a good quiz at Christmas [maybe – FFG Reader], particularly if it’s a football quiz [nope, lost it again – FFG Reader], right? So in a topical, seasonal, and totally relevant update, with nothing at all to do with my bizarre […]