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Rik vs. Stoo: Part II

It may surprise some of you to learn that Rik and Stoo of the famous games site A Force for Good don’t actually live together at a place called FFG Towers, playing old games at an incredibly slow rate with the intention of posting a maximum of two reviews per month. In fact, we’re rarely […]

Gran(d) Bore-ismo

While up staying with Jo (currently trying to do a few things before she turns a certain age) recently I had the rare opportunity to access the full suite of last-gen consoles – the “Ex-Box”, the “Pee-Ess 3” and the “Wee”. Left to my own devices for an hour or so, I decided to give […]

It would be, it would be so nice

Hello! I’ve recently returned from a somewhat-deserved holiday, which was A Good Thing for all kinds of reasons. Without the drudgery of everyday life turning your brain into mush, a few days’ rest can see you gather together whatever scraps of creative thought remain up there and begin to regain the ability to form ideas […]

Float like a butterfly

So my most recent holiday game was: Fight Night Round 3 on PSP. (Not that I go on holiday to sit inside and play games, but there are odd moments when the opportunity arises, and the flight, of course). I’ve been after a boxing game for a while, but options are extremely limited on PC, […]

It’s dangerous to go alone. Take this!

So I went and bought a Wii. Actually, I had to buy a TV to go with it too. First game purchased after such an extravagance: See, I’m a Nintendo fan who’s never actually owned a Nintendo. Or a console of any sort.* Just played on emulators a lot, from NES through to N64. But […]

Do not underestimate the Power of Playstation

I recently bought myself a second-hand PSP. Now, given that I already own a DS, it may seem like a slightly strange decision, especially as I like my DS, which has kept me thoroughly entertained on my journeys to and from work over the past four years or so (despite me having no previous predilection […]

Touch my tissue

Before I went on holiday (which seems like an age ago, incidentally) I bought myself Broken Sword: Shadow of the Templars – The Director’s Cut. I have reasonably fond memories of the PC original and the feeling had always persisted that I was perhaps a bit harsh on it when I reviewed it, so I […]

Quit messing around, Rik

Despite never having watched the TV show, or displaying any kind of predeliction for poking around with dead bodies, I’ve recently found myself playing CSI: Deadly Intent – The Hidden Cases on the DS. In the game, you play through four cases as a rookie CSI, joined by famous faces from the show (none of […]

return of death adder

A year or so ago I grumbled about the Sega Mega Drive Ultimate Collection not being released on PC. Well, now they’ve gone and added a bunch of games to Steam. It’s not as big a collection as that console release, and Sonic (apart from 3D Blast) is conspicuous in his absence. No Streets Of […]


These days I probably get to spend more time playing on the DS on the way to work during the week than trying out more recent releases on the PC. Although my favourite game genres are probably sport and racing, I’ve come to realise that these areas aren’t where the DS really excels. So rather […]