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The Great Skate 8

For reasons unknown, my mind recently warped back to the 16-bit era and a game called Skate Tribe. It was developed in STOS, a version of BASIC geared towards making games for the Atari ST. STOS was one of those packages that was both too complicated for the unrealistic and lazy end of the target […]

It’s only us

I’ve written before about how I came to associate FIFA with Christmas, and following a recent clearout my parents reunited me with my old copy of FIFA 2000, which I think was maybe the last version I received as a present (the following year, I’d discover Pro Evolution Soccer). While browsing the excellent (but completely […]

TIE Fighter Soundtrack – a modern version

Pointed out to me by a friend on facebook: TIE Fighter soundtrack updated by Laserschwert The game originally used midi music, played through the dinky little synth chip on your adlib or soundblaster card. This chap however has instead used some professional-grade orchestral sample libraries. As much as I have a soft spot for the […]

the llama sleeps

Farewell to Winamp In some ways it was surprising they even lasted this long. Apart from an android version, I can’t remember much changing since Winamp 5 came out in 2003. Was there even a full time winamp development team? Was it like, one intern surfing reddit? Like many nerds out there winamp was the […]

Two-lane blacktop

Getting older, I’ve decided, is a process of everything changing so slowly that you never really notice at the time, until five years of sneaky, incremental change eventually adds up to one moment of consequence which suddenly hits you when you find yourself doing something that you never, ever, would have done once upon a […]


Xenon 2 is one of those games I sucked at and never played much, but i remember it having an awesome theme tune! By the DJ known as Bomb The Bass, no less. Here’s it is on the Amiga: The track was released as a single also. There’s no official video so here’s, er, some […]