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The Rebels have proven surprisingly clever

Hi there. Bucking the usual trend for this site, here’s coverage of the second game in a series, arriving after the first, and in reasonably quick succession. It’s Star Wars: Rebel Assault II – The Hidden Empire.

The rookie wasn’t that sharp after all

Hi there. Now that all of the CSI games have been half-heartedly evaluated (you’re welcome), we can turn our attention to more genuine retro content. So here’s a look back at the 90s Star Wars shooter that everyone with a CD drive owned, Rebel Assault.

I felt a little like a dying clown, with a streak of rin tin tin

Hi there. Happy New Year to you all. Hope you had a good Christmas. Today’s review is of the last of Telltale’s attempts to make a decent CSI game: Fatal Conspiracy.

Real cars, real racing

Hi there. How are things? Anything going on in the world? I’ve been on holiday, just catching up. Today we’re looking at some semi-serious racing action, in the form of RACE: The WTCC Game from Simbin.

You can go sleep at home tonight if you can get up and walk away

Hi there. Sorry for the radio silence: I always find August to be pretty unproductive, but this time I did have a genuine (but boring) excuse – moving house. Anyway, time to get back on the reviewing horse with a look at CSI: Deadly Intent.

Hoping that I’ll be a part of you again someday

Hello everyone. It seems like a lot has happened since I was last here. I’m glad Stoo posted something about the System Shock remake because seeing the naive pre-tournament excitement of my football-based post at the top of the page was sort of making me feel sick. There was some other big news related to […]

Goalscoring Superstar Hero

Hello! Ok, so I went down the rabbit-hole again and decided to revisit a game we first covered a number of years ago. Fortunately, doing so also led me to a place where I could come up with some new content, too. This year, it’s 20 years since Euro ’96. (If Baddiel and Skinner released […]

Hello, my friend. Stay awhile and listen…

Hello everyone. You’ve probably noticed Rik has recently redone a few of the first reviews he wrote for this site, 15 years ago. There’s Toonstruck, a lesser known point and click adventure, and Speedball 2 for some violent future sport with that distinctive early 90s bitmap brothers art. Well, I’ve gone and redone one myself […]

In the late 22nd century, mankind took to the stars, to see what wonders the heavens offered

Hello everyone. Regular readers – if they, indeed, exist – will know that in recent years I’ve stuck quite closely to my comfort areas: namely, old football and racing games. Occasionally, I do get the taste for something a bit different, although often my attempts are thwarted by my own ineptitude and/or lack of patience. […]

Something about ice cream

Hello. For the second time this month, I’ve gone back to revisit a game that I already covered a while ago, in an attempt to provide a slightly more insightful review. I don’t think I’m going to make a habit of this. It was fun to go back and play the games again – but […]